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Saturday, 28 October 2006
What a Trip
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Topic: New York City

Wow!  A weekend in NYC with my favorite daughter, son, niece and best friend - what more could one ask.  I think Allison did indeed begin to believe she is the princess, I mean after all, we were asking people to please clear the lane, the princess has arrived.  It probably took a week to just pull her head out of the clouds once she got back home.  Had a great trip if you don't count the two nights we slept in the airport, up from the one expected night we planned on sleeping in the airport.

Allison came Tuesday night and we finished my packing and tried to get some sleep, she is like everyone else in this family, a night owl.  Wednesday, we went to Woody's, a little Route 66 cafe that has been in business since the 40's, and had breakfast then off to Wal-Mart to get the stuff to make the see me sign for the Today show.  We got home and finished it up by noon when Courtney got off work.  Then we rushed to pick up Gail and off to Tulsa.  This is the first time I have flown to NYC out of Tulsa and was excited about this as Kansas City is not just 1.5 hours away but 3 hours.  Our flight was at 5:00 so we had time for dinner and to get settled.  Allison worked on some of her homework while we waited. 

As some may know, my flight companions are always on the lookout to be bumped from our flight - that reads free tickets.  So when they announced they were overbooked, I was up before the announcement was finished.  They had room for two to fly nonstop to Newark but not all of us, so I passed it up.  Had I known, I would have sent Courtney and Allison on but who was to know our future in Tulsa.  We were loaded on our fight and off we were the end of the runway anyway.  There we waited over an hour before the pilote announced that Chicago was closed and we would have to go back in the terminal.  We shouldn't miss our flight out of Chicago because they weren't letting any flights out either.  You wanna bet?  Missed it.  Next flight was 6:00 AM. 

 Didn't get to NYC until 10:00 and Benn of course is at work. 

More to come.

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