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Saturday, 28 July 2007
Low, Granny will blog every job change
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Topic: Job Saga continues

Gee, how can I let so long go by between my blogging.  I see my last entry was right after my NYC Trip and I had just started working at DHS.  I am currently between jobs again. Courtney said I had one job for 24 years and have had three in the past year.  Yea that's true.  I was happy at DHS but did not think that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life so when an opening came up for the local school system as a counselor, I checked into it and guess what I am the official counselor of the middle school.  Since I don't have an education degree, I have to be alternative certified by the state.  So I have to take three test, go before a state board and pay a butt load of money to be certified.  I have taken two of the tests and have a year to take one more, I am going to take both the other tests available so I can be certifed for K-12 in case I do want to move around.  I am excited I think I will like it.  I took a couple of weeks off between the two jobs so I could have some time off but with the flood of the century, I have been busy with Salvation Army doing disaster relief.  What a mess, but that is another story.   Before I left DHS I helped Redneck Diva get on parttime.  She will do a good job and I was feeling guilty leaving the staff shorthanded so I  sent her their way.  They hired her on the spot and I think it is working out for everyone.  I am going to miss everyone there, but I will be working close with the school social workers so that will keep me connected.

 I am planning on another NY trip in October and am excited about the new job.  Tonight I sit here  with my too fat dog who is recovering from a reoccurent seizure and wants nothing more than to lean on me while I type.  She is sweat and is getting old and not as healthy as she used to be.  It is sad, but she is happy most of the time.  Life is gooood, so often I thank God I don't have to work at the hospital any longer with people who have money as the primary importance. 

I will try to blog more often and keep all my one or two friends up on my boring life.  Gotta go, bare back riding is coming on.

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Sunday, 24 September 2006
One week into...
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Topic: Job Saga continues

After one week, I have finally met my boss and the foster families I work with.  I think it is going to go well.  Work seems to finally be back on track.

 Getting ready for that NYC trip.  I have never gone to the city that something really out of the ordinary happened.  Last time, I was there my friends and I found two young men who want to move here and go to school.  Hasn't happened yet but they were very nice.  Met them on the subway.  Small town Starlite was afraid they were terrorist but I think not.  HOwever, after talking on the cell with them, I am sure my phones are monitored by George Jr. 

Nothing to ponder today and computer is slow enough to drive me nuts.  So for now - have to get ready for work!


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Sunday, 17 September 2006
So long to leisurely days and late nights
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Topic: Job Saga continues

After 25 years, I am going back to work for the state Department of Human Services.  I start tomorrow and as silly as it may sound I am a little nervous. And excited.  I know I am going to like the work and I know some of the employees already so it is not like walking into entirely new territory but I am nervous.  Because I am being hired on an emergency basis, I have been able to make arrangements to have the days off I have already made plans, so I get to keep my ticket to NYC.  I plan to keep my part time job as well, that is my "fun" money. 

Small Town starlite and I are going to NYC on her fall break which is Oct 19-22.  We are leaving on the evening of the 18th so will have to take the afternoon off.  We are taking my 8 year old niece.  We will have a blast.  Her parents said she could go if I will take her to some museums and make it educational since she will be missing 3 days of school.  I took her when she was 5 but her dad went with us then and she was really too young.  She did enjoy Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and the giant Toys R Us but I think the rest of it just went over her head so this time she will learn more from it.  I plan on taking her to MOMA, the museum of modern art, that recently reopened in Manhatten and to Ground Zero as well as Central Park and other places she will see on TV and hear about in the news.  I would like to bike the burroughs but in spite of my nagging, niece has still not learned to ride a bike.  I am looking forward to the trip but one bad thing is the time of the flights.  We won't get into NY until about 12 AM and have to leave on Sunday at 6 AM.  So I am taking her a blanket and pillow and telling her she needs to sleep every opportunity she gets.  We will probably go to the airport about midnight on Sunday and stay the night in the airport because I have missed a flight before when car service didn't work out on early am flights.  She can sleep while we are waiting around.  It has been a year since I went to the city and a couple of years for Courtney so I know she is excited.  We plan on getting some shopping done on Canel street so if you want one of those high dollar purses for knock off prices...let me know.

 Best get to bed, real work startes tomorrow

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