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Monday, 31 July 2006
Life changes
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Topic: Boy does it EVER

It seems like it has been a life time since I have blogged and considering the changes, it has been a life change.  I wanted to do something dramatic to celebrate my 50th birthday, yep, that's 1/2 a century, but being RIF'd (thats "Reduction in Force" in caring corporate speak), getting a new job and learning to say the "F" word, was not exactly what I had in mind. I really just wanted to raft the Grand Canyon or jump out of one of them there planes but starting over at 50 was not on the top of my list, but it is now.  Since I last blogged, I was one of the fortunate ones that was called into the corporate office and handed my brown cardboard box and told to box up my office, turn in my keys and cell phone, and it was nice knowing you for the last 25 years.  And by the way we are doing you a favor with this great severance package, that you are not allowed to discuss or sue us, or we will take every penny back, severance package...I wonder if blogging falls into that contract with the devil?, and have a nice life!  I was given the news, an escorted walk to my office of 25 years and "help" to pack my few belongings.  With all the kindness a corporation can muster I was walked to my car and they even had a lowly secretary carry a box.  Oh did I say, this was during hospital week, that one time of the year that this hospital corporations celebrates it's "CareMore Spirit"...their words for the way they treat employees, not mine. 

Anyway, if I sound a little bitter...I am.  There are a few people I am going to live to be a hundred just so I can piss on their graves and a few of them work at this corporation. At least they do today, tomorrow they may get their box and that charming severance package with the do not sue clause. 

 But life goes on,  I must say I truely grieved for oh about 2-3 hours then Eurika!!! No more do I have to be cussed at, called names, or be at their beckon call 24/7.  So after a few weeks of being a lady of leisure and a couple of vacations, I took a job that promised me summers off and all the school holidays.  I see beaches and Broadway Shows calling me.  So now I can enjoy the second half of my life which I vow will be family centered, fun centered and at half the cost.

And I plan on blogging my journey from Hell to Heaven...not literally, I a did leave Hell but am not quite ready for Heaven, but you know what I mean.

 Until next time.


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