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Wednesday, 30 January 2008
I survived the FLU of '08
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Topic: Survival

Can you believe; the first time in 20 years I don't take the flu shot and I get the flu.  Full blown, postive testing Type A FLU.  For two days I was alternating between covering from head to toe and uncovering as quick as  I could.  Did you know that OK State insurance does not cover Tamiflu if one is diagnosed with the flu - no only for someone who does not have the flu - HUH!  So 135.00 to get over it faster. 

Courtney has moved into favored child status by promising a new baby by July.  We are so excited. They will find out next month if it is a boy or a girl but either way the name is Conner Glenn.  Pretty cool. Time will go slowly for all as we wait.



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Tuesday, 13 November 2007
Oklahoma's Birthday

Tommorrow I get to go with Mr. Granny, he who has the important job, to OK City.  Then on Thursday, we ride a train to Guthrie for a legislative session.  Ya see, Ok is made up of a bunch of thieves and back in the beginning, Guthrie OK was the capital.  That is until a bunch of hoodlums went to Guthrie under the cover of darkness and just plain stole that ol' state seal right out from under those Guthrieitts and took it to OK City making OK City the new official Capitol of OK.  Well, after 100 years, OK City has decided to play nice and let Guthrie be the capital for one day, one day only. Who knows in another 100 years, they might get to be the capital for 2 days. We get to wear 100 year old clothes and everything.  Will be fun.

 Had a great trip to NY City for Fall break.  My new friend discovered that we had 11 hours in the entire 4 days we were there, but it was fun.  When I figure out this picture thing, I will post another picture but it keeps coming out way too big.  But stay tuned, they will come.

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Sunday, 7 October 2007
She is here
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Topic: Birthdays

We have had the scare of a life time.  She is so tiny and such a fighter.  She pulled the ventilator tube out, almost to say, enough of that.  She just looks absolutely mad at what life has given her the first two days of her life.  She is still on O2 and a feeding tube and lots of other tubes in and out but she is doing great considering everything.  Daddy's Little Girl....

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Friday, 5 October 2007
Welcome Kyla Rae
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Topic: Birthdays

Smile Alyssa and Keith went to the hospital on Wednesday because Alyssa's back was hurting but after watching her they sent her home.  Thursday, 10/4, she went back in because the Dr was going to start her on some medicine to encourage Kyla to come out, but Alyssa was already ih labor so they just started one medicine.  We stayed at the hospital unti after midnight and left so they could try to get some rest, and Larry went back today while I went to work with my cell phone on.  I was called about 11:30 and told she was moving forward but he would call, then again about 12:00.  I picked up Courtney and we went to Joplin.  Before we got there, Kyla was born. 

Alyssa's mom and sister were there with Larry.  They noticed nurses running to the room and when they asked what was going on was told by the nurses that they can't tell them anything.  Keith latter said that he got to cut the cord, but she wasn't crying or making any noise.  Then the nurses run in and everyone started working on the baby and she she started to make some noise. The nurses put a tube down in to lungs. She had aspirated meconium.  She is now in the nicu on 100% O2 and sedated.  We have not had a chance to see her at all.  Keith took a picture of her before they took her away, they they got to go in to see her int he ICU. 

 It was hard to watch Keith so worried about her.  I remembered babies having that happen when I worked at the hospital  but came home and looked it up.  Sounds like she will be fine, but there are risks to the lungs.  Will just have to pray she is OK. 

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Thursday, 27 September 2007
Ladies Night Out
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For over two years, we got together every  Monday night, meeting under the light pole at Buffalo Run Casino.  We piled in my van and went to another Casino in Wyandotte.  At Wyandotte we got $5 cash for free play that we used to eat dinner in the little cafe.  Then piled back in the van to head back to Buffalo where we got 10$ in free play and hung around for the drawings.  Well those folks quit qiving free money and we were at loose ends.  But, (drum roll) we are starting up our own ladies night again.  We are meeting at the Quapaw Casino where they still give $5 free money but I think we are gong to explore going back to Monday nights even though there is no free play.  Monday just works out better.  Sometimes this is the only time I get to visit with my best friends so I am glad this is working again.  Will let you know if we come out winners.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007
Just another no stress day in the life of a school counselor

Have I said how I really like my job? My only stress is having to adjust to no stress.  I have come to terms with it's kind of like being an ER DR, most days are calm with a few crisis popping up.  I am learning my co-workers and I like them.  Most really care about the kids and want to do a good job. Getting ready for testing which will be a new experience for me.  I am just enjoying life like it is.  LIFE IS GOOOOOD ! !Wink

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007
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I really do need to get this blog thing down.  I could have something to say, more than once or twice a year.  I read my last blog and other than my spelling of sweat for sweet, I am not sure what I was leaving to watch...Bare Back Riding ?  Where did that come from?

 Larry and I went to the local casino and played awhile. I won my money back then spent it again.  After it became apparent, gambling is not the best way to make a living we went to the only other source of entertainment in this area, Wal-Mart.  I ran in to a nurse I worked with at our local hospital before they presented me with my cardboard box and a "thank you for 24 years, but we don't need you any longer " farewell.  I assume someday I will get over that and lose the bitterness I feel towards the administration of that place, but not right now.  I can't help but feel some satisfaction in the fact that the hospital is not prospering, in fact, it is doing very bad.  It has beds for 115 patients and has been runing about 40.  That is bad.  I told the powers that be when they laid me off, that I believe in two things: 1 - I work where I am suppose to work, that I am dedicated to my work and I will be wherever, God puts me and 2 - what goes around comes around, that Karma thing can bite you in the butt and I think they might be discovering Karma.  Ho, Hummm.  Guess I should feel bad for them, but not!.  When the administration treats their employees so badly, they can't expect positive feelings about them in the community. 

Sooo glad I am in a good place working.  I really love my job.  People at the school are all treated with dignity and respect.  What a novel idea. 

 My special friend in Florida was diagnosed with the the C not long ago, but she is doing very well.  I know few people who have the strength and dignity she has so I know she will get through this with the strength and grace that is so evident in her spirit. 

 Courtney, Chad and my new co-worker Kim, are going to NYC for fall break.  We will get to visit with Benn and meet his girlfriend, Michelle.  I am so excited.  Once again, we are preparing to be bumped for free tickets if the opportunity arises. We have decided to take whatever seats we can get and meet up again in NY if we get split up.  Should be an adventure. Everytime I go to NYC something unusual happens. 

Will try to stay on top of this a little better, but it is getting in to my bedtime, so will close for now.



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Saturday, 28 July 2007
Low, Granny will blog every job change
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Topic: Job Saga continues

Gee, how can I let so long go by between my blogging.  I see my last entry was right after my NYC Trip and I had just started working at DHS.  I am currently between jobs again. Courtney said I had one job for 24 years and have had three in the past year.  Yea that's true.  I was happy at DHS but did not think that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life so when an opening came up for the local school system as a counselor, I checked into it and guess what I am the official counselor of the middle school.  Since I don't have an education degree, I have to be alternative certified by the state.  So I have to take three test, go before a state board and pay a butt load of money to be certified.  I have taken two of the tests and have a year to take one more, I am going to take both the other tests available so I can be certifed for K-12 in case I do want to move around.  I am excited I think I will like it.  I took a couple of weeks off between the two jobs so I could have some time off but with the flood of the century, I have been busy with Salvation Army doing disaster relief.  What a mess, but that is another story.   Before I left DHS I helped Redneck Diva get on parttime.  She will do a good job and I was feeling guilty leaving the staff shorthanded so I  sent her their way.  They hired her on the spot and I think it is working out for everyone.  I am going to miss everyone there, but I will be working close with the school social workers so that will keep me connected.

 I am planning on another NY trip in October and am excited about the new job.  Tonight I sit here  with my too fat dog who is recovering from a reoccurent seizure and wants nothing more than to lean on me while I type.  She is sweat and is getting old and not as healthy as she used to be.  It is sad, but she is happy most of the time.  Life is gooood, so often I thank God I don't have to work at the hospital any longer with people who have money as the primary importance. 

I will try to blog more often and keep all my one or two friends up on my boring life.  Gotta go, bare back riding is coming on.

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Saturday, 28 October 2006
What a Trip
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Topic: New York City

Wow!  A weekend in NYC with my favorite daughter, son, niece and best friend - what more could one ask.  I think Allison did indeed begin to believe she is the princess, I mean after all, we were asking people to please clear the lane, the princess has arrived.  It probably took a week to just pull her head out of the clouds once she got back home.  Had a great trip if you don't count the two nights we slept in the airport, up from the one expected night we planned on sleeping in the airport.

Allison came Tuesday night and we finished my packing and tried to get some sleep, she is like everyone else in this family, a night owl.  Wednesday, we went to Woody's, a little Route 66 cafe that has been in business since the 40's, and had breakfast then off to Wal-Mart to get the stuff to make the see me sign for the Today show.  We got home and finished it up by noon when Courtney got off work.  Then we rushed to pick up Gail and off to Tulsa.  This is the first time I have flown to NYC out of Tulsa and was excited about this as Kansas City is not just 1.5 hours away but 3 hours.  Our flight was at 5:00 so we had time for dinner and to get settled.  Allison worked on some of her homework while we waited. 

As some may know, my flight companions are always on the lookout to be bumped from our flight - that reads free tickets.  So when they announced they were overbooked, I was up before the announcement was finished.  They had room for two to fly nonstop to Newark but not all of us, so I passed it up.  Had I known, I would have sent Courtney and Allison on but who was to know our future in Tulsa.  We were loaded on our fight and off we were the end of the runway anyway.  There we waited over an hour before the pilote announced that Chicago was closed and we would have to go back in the terminal.  We shouldn't miss our flight out of Chicago because they weren't letting any flights out either.  You wanna bet?  Missed it.  Next flight was 6:00 AM. 

 Didn't get to NYC until 10:00 and Benn of course is at work. 

More to come.

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Saturday, 14 October 2006
4 more days
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Topic: New York City

Four days away from NYC.  I will pick Allison up Tuesday night and we will have Wednesday morning to fix her sign for the Today Show that we are going to on Friday.  We have museums, shops, food and at least one show to fit into Thursday,Friday, and Saturday before we stay up all night and head home on Sunday.  I have found several museums on the net that I think will appeal to an 8 year old an a couple to appeal to me.  I have pictures of purses my friends want and an order for chocolate popcorn.  I am taking a ham because it is hard to buy a full ham, usually Benn shops at deli's and grocery stores are not usually easily accessible. 

 I will be out of the office Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then the next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Then in November I start my big training that is four weeks in Norman, OK.  I come home on weekends but it will be long days and nights away from home. My new job has a LOT of training.  Working with children in child welfare is different than medical social work.  I am always amazed at what my supervisor spots in houses when we make a walk through visit.  I never noticed the cans of spray or deodorizers in each room which to her says someone tried to make a quick clean and are trying to cover up odors.  I guess I will get to that is what I see.  Thus the reason for the training. 

Anyway, did I say that I am getting excited about our trip.  Subways, hotdogs, street vendors and characters welcome, coming my way.


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