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Sunday, 5 June 2005
Liposuction = mesotherapy???
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Topic: Can you believe?
I found a "therapy" that is suppose to do the same thing as liposuction without the surgery. And with a coupon out of the paper it only costs $200.00 for each treatment. Can you believe the luck? Now my daughter ask, Mom do you really want to do a medical treatment that you have a coupon for? Yea.

It's called mesotherapy and the doctor sticks a needle just under the skin the the part you want to shrink and it shrinks. Now that is about 100 needle sticks into my stomach because I have gotten that old lady stomach that hangs down to my knees. I had it done two weeks this next Tuesday and was suppose to be measured again on Tuesday but I am going to be out of town so I went over last Friday. I have actually lost 2 inches in my stomach. So 200 for 2 inches is a $100 an inch, I thin another 900. should do it. I have to go back every two weeks for another treatment. Someone ask what was injected into my fat, I don't know. They seemed to question my sanity for allowing someone to inject an unknown substance into my body about 100 times. But what's a girl to do?

I am going to work D-Day this week. That is the largest paint ball game in the world right here in Oklahoma. I actually get to do the registration. It is a testostrone laden event. I just really like to meet the people coming in and watch the reactions to the games. It should be fun and besides it pays enough to finance my real love which is Freewheel OK the following week. That is when I ride my bike across the state of Oklahoma from Texas to Kansas. At least, when I try. I have tried the last two years. First year was good, last year I had a heat stroke but I am sure I can do it this year. I am ready. I have all the cute gear, but haven't been training at all. But I can do it. I have a friend who rides with me and a caravan to support. My daughter and friends will take the trailer and meet us at each town. That sure beats a tent which always leaks and tries to drown me in some storm that is sure to hit.

Mowed the lawn today... that's trainig right. Mr important said next time he will mow the yard and I can change the spark plugs in the van. Apparently they are so far up from the ground that it is almost impossible to get to them. He was really cute laying there in the drive way with his feet sticking out from under the van. I was careful not to cut off his toes.

You can't live in Oklahoma without having a horse. I now have a horse, actually she is a yearling and so pretty. You can't keep a horse alone since they are herd animals so I have a mule to go with her. Their names are Liberty and Justice. Both are pretty unsure of me and I am trying to with their trust with food and treats. So cute to watch.

Well guess I will close. It took me a while to find my own blog because I forgot the name.
I will save it so I can find it again. Wish me luck on my 400 mile bicycle trip.

Posted by grannyglenn at 6:53 PM

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