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Saturday, 18 June 2005

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Topic: Oklahoma Freewheel
FreeWheel Oklahoma.. a bike ride across the state of Oklahoma, starting in Texas and ending in Kansas. It has been my goal for the past 3 years. I did 300 miles the first year, 120 last year (hospitalized with a heat stroke) and 150 this year. Just could not get into it.

First of all, we, my friend Gail who is silly enough to try this with me, had it all worked out. We were going to ride and my daughter, her friend and her daughter were going to sag us in style. They were taking Tanya's new camper and driving from town to town for us. They had it all planned, home cooked meals in the evening, hot showers in the camper and early nights in airconditioning. Oh what a dream. Then reality got in the way. Gail's husband had surgery on his foot in April - well ahead of the bike ride - but darn it if he didn't get some major infection in it and have to have the bone in his big toe taken out the five days before send off. Thought the big ride was only a dream. Then perserverance paid off, and a little guilt along the way. Gary got out of the hospital on Monday, the ride started on Sunday in Paris Texas. But Gail being a nurse and all we saw no reason for him to stay home and get that IV Antibiotics three times a day when Gail could do it on on the road. So we loaded Gary up, iced down that $200. a day medicine and caught up with the ride at Willburton, about 30 miles south of McAlester.

Had a great ride on Tuesday, but my right knee started cramping at the end. Something just didn't seem right. Then on Wednesday, it caught up with me. After 30 miles, even Eleve wouldn't slow down the pain so had to chuck it in. Talked to the Director of Freewheel and found it was probably related to my bike adjustments. So I was measured, leveled and test rode on a trainer that stabilized my bike and back on the road on Thursday.

Stayed at Wetumka on Tuesday night. The neatest thing happened. Our friends, Dr. P and Lori who got us started in FreeWheel three years ago and have since moved to Arizona were there. Right there at the local DQ. Had a great visit and made plans for dinner in Drumright.

What a great day that was. It was raining in the morning so we didn't get started until about 7:30. Cool and nice. Let me tell you there are some mountains between Wetumka and Drumright,OK. But with the uphills there are some great down hills. Rode to 50 miles and decided that was enough. Had lunch at Bristow and caught a ride into Drumright.

Husband with infected foot, did not want to have dinner with Dr. P and Lori, wanted to find a casino. One close by he said, he talked to the locals just go down this road and not too far. Right, spent all evening at a casino. Not that I am against casinos, in fact, happen to have a liken to em, but not on my bike ride. Missed visiting with other bike riders around town.

Friday, after sleeping in a sunday school classroom of the local baptist church, loaded up infected foot husband and took off. Plan was for us to stop at the top of the giant hill out of Drumright (wasn't ready for another one alright!) and then take off from there. Oh, there is Dr. P and Lori going in to local restraunt for breakfast, lets turn around and visit with them this morning. Turn around van and into drive of local restruant. "It's too crowded, we will never get in. Look at all those bikes, there too many bike riders here" (DUH, that's the point)Drove through restraunt without stoping for breakfast.

Top of hill, takes forever to get ready, not 7 am any more it is now 8:30, have to eat, go to the bathroom move stuff around, on and on. I am getting impatient.

Take off and ride about 2 miles when knee hurts, it is already getting hot and I notice we have a 10 mile ride on this highway with narrow shoulder. Hills, big hills, more up than down. Not fun any more.

I stop and ask Gail is she is still having fun. She forgets she is clipped into her peddles and promply falls over. Blood dripping off her elbow, she decides she isn't having a good morning either.

Call to husband with infected foot...turn around we are gong home. He comes back to get us. Wants to know what the problem is, why we don't want to ride 80 miles in the heat and something about quiters. Husband with infected foot should keep it out of his mouth.

Moral of the story:

When crossing Oklahoma on a bike, leave husbands at home.

Posted by grannyglenn at 4:05 PM

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