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Thursday, 19 May 2005

Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Hey I did it!!!!
I am so amazed with the blogs going on and I think I have something to say. So, I did it. Now my life is not as exciting as all of you but for a granny what do you expect.

While you talk about babies and school, I am studying brochures for a little tummy tuck and liposuction. I am thinking a little lift here and a little tuck there might be just the thing.

Mr. Representative (hubby has an important job) has told me that "understand I am not saying that you need it, I don't think you do, but if you want to have that thing done, I will pay half of it". Now how is that for a compliment. He doesn't think I need liposuction! My stomach touches my knees and I have to move my boobs to reach my belt but he doesn't think I need it. Being the boob man he is, I'm thinking of throwing a couple of those in just for good measure.

First I have to have a consultaion done. Now I understand that involves standing in front of a bunch of strangers...naked...while they draw little black lines of where the little tucks will take place. I understand a local doctor is giving fat shots that takes off 3 inches off the waist, I am going to start with that. Maybe I will be able to see my knees then.

You are probably wondering why I choose a baby blog is a hint to those no good children of mine who refuse to present me with my own grandchild that I so deserve. I am thinking if little baby pictures pop up maybe they will see just how desperate this granny is.

So I am off to blogging my dreams of a Barbie body and my very own grandchildren. I will be keeping you posted.

Posted by grannyglenn at 5:44 PM

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