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Saturday, 9 July 2005
Work Sucks
Mood:  don't ask
I have worked at the hospital for almost 25 years and some days it just sucks. Most of the time I love my job but not the past few weeks. It will pass in time and things are some what better already but I am getting anxious for things to get better.
To start with I "volunteered" to work another persons job for the past 5 months which included working in the psych unit. Now I have a hard time understanding how someone can can be called delusional when that they can tell by my purple aura that I am very smart. But those friends are gone, because the hospital closed the unit. Which except for the loss of the employees, I find a relief. I am sick of working with the self-proclaimed god (notice little "g") of the mental health world. This man is the director of the five county mental health center and early in my 5 months of "volunteerism" we butted heads. And well he is just an ?#@%&^ hole. He looked for every way possible to cause me trouble. It just got stupid. He would complain about how I faxed something. Well yesterday I got an e-mail from the one secretary in Bartlesville that they always had contact me asking for paperwork on a patient. They usually called a few hours after discharge wanting the paper work right then so this has been over a week. I didn't remember the patient but had been on vacation a couple of weeks in June so thought the patient was there during that time. Could not find any information - well guess what -- they had the wrong hospital. Just one more way he took up my time and caused me more work. I thought I was done with that organization July 1st. I just hope this is the last contact from that agency.

Back to my job sucking. Ten months ago, they moved our office - there are three of us in the office to a room on 2nd floor. Five months ago, they moved us all over the place with me on 4th floor, in a locked unit. Two weeks ago, they called me and said, "can you use another comuter in the hospital for a few days?" Being all cooperative and everything I said, "Sure". It has now going on three weeks and it is not only no computer but no phone, so if you call my office phone the message is going into a big black hole and will not be answered any time in this century.

Today I had to drive to OK City, three hours away, to count ballets. That's right, I drove six hours total to count pieces of paper that could have been done by anyone who can count to 100. So much for my day. But I did stop at Cracker Barrel and they were having one of those great porch sales. I bought about 15 audio books for $3 each. I can mow the lawn now. And maybe it will motivate me to ride my bike in this heat so I can listen to another chapter.

Courtney's grade school friend had her baby last Wednesday. I went up and held him. She wouldn't give him to me though. Last weekend, Courtney was told she might have a kidney stone. It was really painful for her. Having heard that passing a kidney stone is a lot like labor, she told Chad that he would have to name it and frame it because if this is like labor, that is all he is getting. Since she was only full of poop, I guess her first born will be poophead. So much for my grandbaby dreams.

Did get to hold that little grandaughter that lives in Austin. See we finally got one of those grandbabies six years ago and her Indian Giver parents took her down to Austin when she was just a few months old and only bring her around a couple of times a year. They are talking about moving this direction some day. Empty promises.

I found perfect presents for Chad and Keith when they finally become Dads. Hope the present doesn't dry rot before then.

Mr. just came in. He has been out with the Sheriff as they track down bad guys, or at least talk about it. So I think the casino is calling. Time for my donation to the Casino Mob. If I don't go give them money periodially they might come break my bones.

Till next time.
Pray for grandbabies (and a real office)

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Saturday, 18 June 2005

Mood:  lazy
Topic: Oklahoma Freewheel
FreeWheel Oklahoma.. a bike ride across the state of Oklahoma, starting in Texas and ending in Kansas. It has been my goal for the past 3 years. I did 300 miles the first year, 120 last year (hospitalized with a heat stroke) and 150 this year. Just could not get into it.

First of all, we, my friend Gail who is silly enough to try this with me, had it all worked out. We were going to ride and my daughter, her friend and her daughter were going to sag us in style. They were taking Tanya's new camper and driving from town to town for us. They had it all planned, home cooked meals in the evening, hot showers in the camper and early nights in airconditioning. Oh what a dream. Then reality got in the way. Gail's husband had surgery on his foot in April - well ahead of the bike ride - but darn it if he didn't get some major infection in it and have to have the bone in his big toe taken out the five days before send off. Thought the big ride was only a dream. Then perserverance paid off, and a little guilt along the way. Gary got out of the hospital on Monday, the ride started on Sunday in Paris Texas. But Gail being a nurse and all we saw no reason for him to stay home and get that IV Antibiotics three times a day when Gail could do it on on the road. So we loaded Gary up, iced down that $200. a day medicine and caught up with the ride at Willburton, about 30 miles south of McAlester.

Had a great ride on Tuesday, but my right knee started cramping at the end. Something just didn't seem right. Then on Wednesday, it caught up with me. After 30 miles, even Eleve wouldn't slow down the pain so had to chuck it in. Talked to the Director of Freewheel and found it was probably related to my bike adjustments. So I was measured, leveled and test rode on a trainer that stabilized my bike and back on the road on Thursday.

Stayed at Wetumka on Tuesday night. The neatest thing happened. Our friends, Dr. P and Lori who got us started in FreeWheel three years ago and have since moved to Arizona were there. Right there at the local DQ. Had a great visit and made plans for dinner in Drumright.

What a great day that was. It was raining in the morning so we didn't get started until about 7:30. Cool and nice. Let me tell you there are some mountains between Wetumka and Drumright,OK. But with the uphills there are some great down hills. Rode to 50 miles and decided that was enough. Had lunch at Bristow and caught a ride into Drumright.

Husband with infected foot, did not want to have dinner with Dr. P and Lori, wanted to find a casino. One close by he said, he talked to the locals just go down this road and not too far. Right, spent all evening at a casino. Not that I am against casinos, in fact, happen to have a liken to em, but not on my bike ride. Missed visiting with other bike riders around town.

Friday, after sleeping in a sunday school classroom of the local baptist church, loaded up infected foot husband and took off. Plan was for us to stop at the top of the giant hill out of Drumright (wasn't ready for another one alright!) and then take off from there. Oh, there is Dr. P and Lori going in to local restraunt for breakfast, lets turn around and visit with them this morning. Turn around van and into drive of local restruant. "It's too crowded, we will never get in. Look at all those bikes, there too many bike riders here" (DUH, that's the point)Drove through restraunt without stoping for breakfast.

Top of hill, takes forever to get ready, not 7 am any more it is now 8:30, have to eat, go to the bathroom move stuff around, on and on. I am getting impatient.

Take off and ride about 2 miles when knee hurts, it is already getting hot and I notice we have a 10 mile ride on this highway with narrow shoulder. Hills, big hills, more up than down. Not fun any more.

I stop and ask Gail is she is still having fun. She forgets she is clipped into her peddles and promply falls over. Blood dripping off her elbow, she decides she isn't having a good morning either.

Call to husband with infected foot...turn around we are gong home. He comes back to get us. Wants to know what the problem is, why we don't want to ride 80 miles in the heat and something about quiters. Husband with infected foot should keep it out of his mouth.

Moral of the story:

When crossing Oklahoma on a bike, leave husbands at home.

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Sunday, 5 June 2005
Liposuction = mesotherapy???
Mood:  happy
Topic: Can you believe?
I found a "therapy" that is suppose to do the same thing as liposuction without the surgery. And with a coupon out of the paper it only costs $200.00 for each treatment. Can you believe the luck? Now my daughter ask, Mom do you really want to do a medical treatment that you have a coupon for? Yea.

It's called mesotherapy and the doctor sticks a needle just under the skin the the part you want to shrink and it shrinks. Now that is about 100 needle sticks into my stomach because I have gotten that old lady stomach that hangs down to my knees. I had it done two weeks this next Tuesday and was suppose to be measured again on Tuesday but I am going to be out of town so I went over last Friday. I have actually lost 2 inches in my stomach. So 200 for 2 inches is a $100 an inch, I thin another 900. should do it. I have to go back every two weeks for another treatment. Someone ask what was injected into my fat, I don't know. They seemed to question my sanity for allowing someone to inject an unknown substance into my body about 100 times. But what's a girl to do?

I am going to work D-Day this week. That is the largest paint ball game in the world right here in Oklahoma. I actually get to do the registration. It is a testostrone laden event. I just really like to meet the people coming in and watch the reactions to the games. It should be fun and besides it pays enough to finance my real love which is Freewheel OK the following week. That is when I ride my bike across the state of Oklahoma from Texas to Kansas. At least, when I try. I have tried the last two years. First year was good, last year I had a heat stroke but I am sure I can do it this year. I am ready. I have all the cute gear, but haven't been training at all. But I can do it. I have a friend who rides with me and a caravan to support. My daughter and friends will take the trailer and meet us at each town. That sure beats a tent which always leaks and tries to drown me in some storm that is sure to hit.

Mowed the lawn today... that's trainig right. Mr important said next time he will mow the yard and I can change the spark plugs in the van. Apparently they are so far up from the ground that it is almost impossible to get to them. He was really cute laying there in the drive way with his feet sticking out from under the van. I was careful not to cut off his toes.

You can't live in Oklahoma without having a horse. I now have a horse, actually she is a yearling and so pretty. You can't keep a horse alone since they are herd animals so I have a mule to go with her. Their names are Liberty and Justice. Both are pretty unsure of me and I am trying to with their trust with food and treats. So cute to watch.

Well guess I will close. It took me a while to find my own blog because I forgot the name.
I will save it so I can find it again. Wish me luck on my 400 mile bicycle trip.

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Thursday, 19 May 2005

Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Hey I did it!!!!
I am so amazed with the blogs going on and I think I have something to say. So, I did it. Now my life is not as exciting as all of you but for a granny what do you expect.

While you talk about babies and school, I am studying brochures for a little tummy tuck and liposuction. I am thinking a little lift here and a little tuck there might be just the thing.

Mr. Representative (hubby has an important job) has told me that "understand I am not saying that you need it, I don't think you do, but if you want to have that thing done, I will pay half of it". Now how is that for a compliment. He doesn't think I need liposuction! My stomach touches my knees and I have to move my boobs to reach my belt but he doesn't think I need it. Being the boob man he is, I'm thinking of throwing a couple of those in just for good measure.

First I have to have a consultaion done. Now I understand that involves standing in front of a bunch of strangers...naked...while they draw little black lines of where the little tucks will take place. I understand a local doctor is giving fat shots that takes off 3 inches off the waist, I am going to start with that. Maybe I will be able to see my knees then.

You are probably wondering why I choose a baby blog is a hint to those no good children of mine who refuse to present me with my own grandchild that I so deserve. I am thinking if little baby pictures pop up maybe they will see just how desperate this granny is.

So I am off to blogging my dreams of a Barbie body and my very own grandchildren. I will be keeping you posted.

Posted by grannyglenn at 5:44 PM

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