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Tuesday, 25 September 2007
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I really do need to get this blog thing down.  I could have something to say, more than once or twice a year.  I read my last blog and other than my spelling of sweat for sweet, I am not sure what I was leaving to watch...Bare Back Riding ?  Where did that come from?

 Larry and I went to the local casino and played awhile. I won my money back then spent it again.  After it became apparent, gambling is not the best way to make a living we went to the only other source of entertainment in this area, Wal-Mart.  I ran in to a nurse I worked with at our local hospital before they presented me with my cardboard box and a "thank you for 24 years, but we don't need you any longer " farewell.  I assume someday I will get over that and lose the bitterness I feel towards the administration of that place, but not right now.  I can't help but feel some satisfaction in the fact that the hospital is not prospering, in fact, it is doing very bad.  It has beds for 115 patients and has been runing about 40.  That is bad.  I told the powers that be when they laid me off, that I believe in two things: 1 - I work where I am suppose to work, that I am dedicated to my work and I will be wherever, God puts me and 2 - what goes around comes around, that Karma thing can bite you in the butt and I think they might be discovering Karma.  Ho, Hummm.  Guess I should feel bad for them, but not!.  When the administration treats their employees so badly, they can't expect positive feelings about them in the community. 

Sooo glad I am in a good place working.  I really love my job.  People at the school are all treated with dignity and respect.  What a novel idea. 

 My special friend in Florida was diagnosed with the the C not long ago, but she is doing very well.  I know few people who have the strength and dignity she has so I know she will get through this with the strength and grace that is so evident in her spirit. 

 Courtney, Chad and my new co-worker Kim, are going to NYC for fall break.  We will get to visit with Benn and meet his girlfriend, Michelle.  I am so excited.  Once again, we are preparing to be bumped for free tickets if the opportunity arises. We have decided to take whatever seats we can get and meet up again in NY if we get split up.  Should be an adventure. Everytime I go to NYC something unusual happens. 

Will try to stay on top of this a little better, but it is getting in to my bedtime, so will close for now.



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