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Friday, 29 September 2006
28 years ago today
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Topic: Birthdays

28 years ago today at 6:35 PM at the age of 22, I gave birth to a tiny little baby girl.  She frowned and worried about the world around her and today she still worries about the known and unknown.  I started college in June because her idiot biological father - remember we are divorced, wanted to move back to Miami OK.  I wanted to move back to California.  But nooo, he wanted to come here, but OH how I digress.  I was actually due to deliver on October 10 but gee I had midterms coming up and was worried about being out of school too much.  I found that this average student could actually be a A student and wanted to maintain 4.0 if possible - I graduated with a BS and a 3.89 average three years later.  I went to my doctor in the morning and he said I could come to the hospital after I finished my classes and he would induce.  I went to one class then got to thinking about what if my water broke or something really embarassing like that happened so I skipped my next class and went shoppping instead.  although I will never forget the instructors face when I went up to him after class and asked for my work while I was gone.  He said so you are having a C-section, and I said no I was going in today because I was in labor.  He squeaked out - "Now??"  Well almost.  I went to TG&Y, a store taken out by Wal-Mart and a yard sale first.  About 4:00, I decided it might be time to go to the hospital since I was having more discomfort and she came into the world at 6:35.  I stayed overnight and went home the next morning.  Something just not done back then but I had a little 2.5 year old little boy that had never stayed away from Momma before and I was scared to death for him.  He had stayed with his Aunt Carla and well we just had a different parenting style and I was afraid it just wouldn't be comfortable for either of them. 

She was so tiny, barely 6# and 15.5 inches long.  You could see the blood through her little arms she seemed so thin.  I guess that had to do with being encouraged to arrive rather than coming on her own.  She did not have time to get that fat on.  I remember looking at her and thinking what have I done.  I was not working and her dad made $600. a month. We were living in his grandmother's house and I was going to school.  What if I didn't have the money to feed her or buy the clothes she needed?  What if her brother hated her and I couldn't give them both enough love and attention?  I wonder where she got her worry gene??  My sister's husband had a great job at "the plant" and I was already dressing my little boy in hand me downs from her daughter (Dont tell Benn he wore girl clothes) and could no way provide for my kids as well as she could hers. 

But someway I did.  Both Courtney and Benn are wonderful adults.  Funny and confident and not afraid to try new things.  When I see her manage a roomful of kindergarteners and how much the parents appreciate her calm spirit, I am so proud.  She is my best friend and I enjoy her company.  The pain of childbirth is only a memory - although I still have bragging rights of doing it all natural except for the little help in the water breaking department.  She never brought me any pain or heartache growing up, she was always an easy kid to be around. 

Today is her birthday, my baby I grew up with.  I am so proud.

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