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Friday, 15 September 2006
And I work where???
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My last blog said something about summers off and looking forward to a new great job, well, NOT.  I did take the this is perfect job, only to find that the job was great but the administration was not.  We had a totally different mindset of how to manage.  Basically, I like to treat grownups like adults and they like to treat them like pimply 16 year olds who work for McDonalds.  I truely did not understand when a teacher asked me if she could go to her car for something.  Now this is when no children were present and her car is basically outside the school door but she thought she needed permission.  Should have been a clue. It wasn't long before I saw my management style and this style didn't click so before the ol' contract was signed I suggested the administration find someone who wants to treat professionals like school kids and I was out.  By By summers off - but I get to keep my integrity.  I may not ever manage again, if that is the new way of treating people, because I just can't do that.  The time I was at this school, the staff and I worked well together but the administration spy was just too difficult to deal with. 

 So here I am unemployed again.  Guess it is time for a trip.  I think I will go to New York this time.  So far since loosing my job, I have been to Florida twice and Vegas once.  Time to go again, before I get trapped in a job again.

I did get a call from the State Department of Human Services, thats the welfare office here in OK, and they want me to come to work for them in Child Welfare.  It doesn't include the investigating part, so no baby snatching for me, but more the foster care side.  I went to OK City and took the test, I did miss 2 so hope that doesn't keep me out of the running.  I just need to say when I can start.  You know as old as I am that state retirement sounds pretty good. 

Nothing exciting in Granny land, except I pick up my nephew's girlfriend's little boy today and take him shopping and to play  for a couple of hours before he goes to my nieces house to spend the night. He is a real cutie.  He is four and I have never kept him so I hope he has a good time.  I thought a couple of hours the first time will work.  I plan on taking him to Wally world so he can find something he really wants and we might find our way to the park to play.  Then Mr. Granny and I will take him to Joplin where he will spend the night with my little niece and nephew who are 7 and 4.  They will have a big time slumber party while their parents go to some concert in Kansas City. 

Planning a big trip to NYC over fall break.  Small town Starlit is going and my horse friend and past co-worker is going to meet us when she finishes a conference there.  Then we can see a play, shop on canel street and bike the burroughs before flying home together.  We will go out on Wednesday evening and get back on Sunday night.  Fast trip.  Hope our trip doesn't coincide with someone's attempt to get on the news with airplanes or anything. 

Until next time.

My life is so boring, once every few months is enough.

After all, I am still wishing for those grandbabies.

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