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Friday, 15 July 2005
Life does get better
Mood:  happy
I have an office...I have an office...I have an office. I am so excited I can't sleep. It is the very one that I homesteaded. One of the doctors told me to go ahead and move into it, it was empty. He said it would take three years for administration to find me. After my little whiny mood last week, my boss just gave it to me. Now my whole department can be back together. We can have hot tea at the table again while we work and I actually have a computer again. No phone yet, but I am not complaining. Moved today and will finish up next week. Things are back to normal and I have an office. It is just great.

I never have exciting things in my life to tell. Lets see. Mr. emptied the hot tub and refilled it. This has to be done every three months and we are religious about it. It just gets overloaded with chemicals if it isn't empties.

I have been paying the casino mob but have won some. Tuesday night I won 400.00 and Wednesday night I won 935.00. Tonight I won 350.00. Has been a good gambling week, next week will suck. That's usually how it goes. Paying off some bills and split with Mr.

Courtney called me tonight to tell me Target has kids bedroom sets with Jeeps on them, just in case the granny in me kicks in and I feel I need to buy for that future grandbaby. Chad even said they would have a kid if I would buy it. Of course I said it's a deal but Courtney quickly backed out of his rational plan. She seems to think I am hording too much baseball stuff for Keith's future baby. I told her this Jeep stuff would dry rot before I could put it on a bed for my grandbabies. Guess I will have to check it out.

I had accupuncture. This lady really did stick needles in me. Did it help? Don't know what she was trying to help but I can't tell any difference. Maybe if I had been hurting she could have made it quit but it was kinda cool to have needles sticking out all over me.

Did I mention the time? It is 321 AM and I told my mom and my sister that I would clog dance with them in an performance at 10 am. So I am thinking I might want to go to be. But I am just too excited because...





YEA! ! !

Posted by grannyglenn at 9:22 PM

Monday, 25 July 2005 - 4:32 AM

Name: Redneck Diva
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An OFFICE! A real live office!! Congrats!!

We don't drain our pool because it gets overloaded with chemicals, but we drain it because it gets overloaded with scum and algae. Go figure. But last night as I was scrubbing the nastiness from around the sides, I SWORE that I'd keep chemicals in it every day from now till winter! That was NASTY!!

So you just had acupuncture for the heck of it? *shudder*

Monday, 1 August 2005 - 6:50 PM

Name: Redneck Diva
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Yep, I had acupunture for the heck of it...was kind of interesting. Can't say that I can tell any difference, but heck nothing was wrong to begin with. You might try it on your foot. I figure the real Granny Glenn would think it was the right thing to do.

Have been to lazy and too boring to blog. If I had an exciting life like yours I could blog more often, but it takes me several weeks to get a moment that is blog worthy.

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